Broadchurch: Season 3 Episode 1

At last – two of television’s favourite duos’ are back and ready to solve crimes.


Returning as DI Alec Hardy and DS Ellie Miller, the show is now set three years on from the Joe Miller trial and its jaw-dropping verdict. But now with a new case and some familiar faces, they investigate a rape case and its victim, Trish Winterman.

My most popular post with 1,000+ views is the second episode of The Missing, season two. I absolutely loved trying to solve the case and you all did too, so I thought to keep up with this case I would do the same and try to answer some of the questions we are left with at the end of each episode.

1. Who is this man in the red car?

When Trish is taken to her home, DI Hardy notices this man (pictured above) in a red car. Weirdly, they both share a strange stare with each other. But why? This should become apparent further down the line, but does this man know something, or is he innocent?

2. Why are Cath and Jim acting so suspiciously?

Trish’s best friend and her husband are acting quite odd. When Miller tells her of the sexual assault, but not who the victim is, Cath guesses correctly but doesn’t seem as shocked as we would of thought she would be.

Cath and her husband then make rather frantic calls to each other about their party guests. We now know that the guests included around 50 men and 40 women. Could they know more than they’re letting on? Or are they just feeling guilty that it happened at their party? Either way they are hiding something.

3. Why are Mark and Beth Latimer not together?

Could the book have anything to do with their split? The book could be about Danny’s death which would explain why the priest was there to comfort him. After all the verdict didn’t help any and with his marriage rocky before, it could of just been too much for them to stay together.

4. Why did Jim and Ed fight at the birthday party?

When Miller and Hardy arrive to question Cath, she instantly thinks it is about the fight that Jim and Ed had that night. Could they have been arguing about what happened to Trish?

5. Jim’s car…

We see a box in Jim’s car which has the same condom wrappers as the ones we see at the crime scene. But it’s episode one and surely they wouldn’t give away the attacker this easy and early on?

6. Who found the bag of blue rope?

At the very end of episode one, we see someone reach out and grab a bag containing the same (or what appears to be the same) blue rope used to tie Trish’s wrists.

So who took it and why? The attacker or a friend who is covering up for them?

Have you got any theories or questions you’d liked answer? If so, leave your theories in the comments below and share this post.

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