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The Scottish Cycling, Running and Outdoor Pursuits Show

The Scottish Cycling, Running and Outdoor Pursuits Show has returned and from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th of March, you can see a variety of interactive attractions for all ages such as a Triathlon and Segway challenge, a mini veledrome and a Spinning class – all at the SEC, Glasgow.
I myself don’t take part in sports, however I did have a go at the Bolier Room Fitness Spinning® class – and surprisingly, I actually enjoyed it!
If you want to try it out, the Boiler Room Fitness is a Spinning Studio located in Glasgow’s West End below the Western Health & Racquets Club. It’s located within the Glasgow area and is designed for everyone from beginners to those with plenty of experience. It keeps you fit and everyone there is very encouraging. If you try it and don’ like it, at least you can say you’ve tried rather than “what if…?”
Did you attend this year? If so, what was your favourite part and did you complete any challenges? The show should be on next year too if this proves a success and it seems it was.

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