Having Sensitive Skin In Today’s World Sucks

Why it sucks…

Having sensitive skin sucks – it really does. It’s shit and it’s certainly not fun. Granted it’s not the worst that can happen to your skin but personally, I think it’s not spoken about enough.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of but it can soon begin to affect your confidence like it does mine. I hate going out without any make-up on, I don’t even like going around the house with no make-up on. And it doesn’t help when
you’re surrounded by social media and those ‘perfect models’ with their ‘perfect’ skin and bodies. Sure there are models out there who aren’t a size 8 or have perfect skin, but how often do you actually see this. Think about it? Why can’t make up brands advertise people with skin problems? Instead, they show us airbrushed photos of models with no redness, no pimples or any scars – even the slightest imperfection is a no-no. Even though we know its airbrushed, we still compare ourselves to them and it bugs me because I do it and you probably do too.

If our generation has Kylie Jenner or the Kardashians to look up to then god help us all. Remember the viral ‘Kylie Lip Challenge’? It literally ruined people’s lips because they wanted their lips as big as hers – only Kylie admitted to having lip fillers so the challenge was even more stupid than before. It get’s better… According to Fox News, because of Kim Kardashian and her showing off her butt on social media,”butt implant procedures rose 98 percent, to 1,863 cases, and butt lifts were up 44 percent, to 2,438 cases, industry data shows”. I know this isn’t really skin problems related, but hopefully you get my point. You can read more here to see for yourself.

Let’s get back on track!

Sensitive skin can be difficult to combat, especially if you are unsure of what substance you have an irritant/allergy to. Characteristics usually include some or most of the following:

  • Quick reactions to most skin care products
  • Red, blotchy skin (either in the form of rashes/raised bumps)
  • Tiny blisters
  • Swelling of the affected area
  • Burning, itching, peeling, flaking or a tingling and prickling sensation
  • Extreme reactions to stress, light skin procedures, massage, etc…
  • Tingling or tightening without any visible reason
  • Constant redness, drying of the skin

For me, I genuinely can tick most of these boxes, minus the blisters thank goodness! My worst reaction was swelling of the face accompanied by literally most characteristic listed above.

Tips I’ve Learned

I am not an expert or claiming to be one, but what I find useful to calm my skin reaction down is as follows:
  • Taking a damp cloth and soak it in cold water. I then place it on my face for one minute.
  • Using prescription cream and massage it on to your skin (make an appointment with your doctor to discuss this)
  • Applying emollients especially when the skin is dry and flaky.
  • Avoiding all make up at all costs.
  • Identifying irritants and avoiding exposure as far as possible – you can go to a dermatologist for patch testing, again talk to your doctor about this.
  • Always test products before fully applying them. I test on the back of my neck, my jaw and my wrists.
  • Just because a product says  it’s for ‘sensitive skin’ or ‘hypoallergenic’, it doesn’t always mean they won’t make you come out in a rash – trust me.
Check out this blog for good tips (from a professional) about skin care here.

Skin Care Products I Love ♥

It took me years to find foundation, moistures and skin care products that didn’t make me turn into an itchy tomato. So if you can, bookmark this blog post and the next time you’re in town, ask for free samples. Say you have sensitive skin and I am sure they’ll be more than happy to, After all, I learned the hard way. I bought lots of products that were no use meaning I could have saved money. PS – This blog post is not sponsored and I am not being paid to say anything. All opinions are my own.
L’Oréal Clay Masks (my favourite is the green mask) – COLLECTION HERE
L’Oréal Micellar Water – HERE
L’Oréal Foundation (Under £10, the best coverage EVER and my favourite) – HERE
bareMinerals, BareSkin Foundation (I feel like this is quite drying at times)- HERE
maX factor Foundation, Face Finity – HERE
No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser for Normal / Dry Skin – HERE
No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush – HERE
Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask (They were recently on sale for 99p each but check your local store as they are sometimes cheaper) – HERE
Aveeno Skin Relief Body Moisturising Lotion – HERE

As you can tell, this is not a big list, so you can see my issue here, can’t you? I can’t even tell you soaps/shampoos,etc…because every single one I pick up has that specific chemical I am allergic to, so really I just have to put up with the chemical until I find one that works for me.

If you have any products or brands you use or just tips / your story, comment it down below!

I am not an expert but I do have at least three years of ‘sensitive skin’ experience. Anything I recommend you try is because it has worked for me. I am not liable for further damaged caused if you decided to give it a go.

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