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American NY Grill | Review

This was the first time I’ve eaten here and it looked so lovely – especially the tree and the lights in it, but that’s not why you’re here!


The ‘set lunch’ menu was two courses (starter+main) for £12.95. So I ordered the Calamari to start with and although it was nice, it wasn’t the best. The batter was thin and crispy so fell apart easily, making it a tad hard to eat. The Garlic Mayo dip was lovely but I think it the Calamari was frozen/store bought rather than homemade as when I finished it, you could see the oils/grease build up on the plate which wasn’t appealing. It wasn’t advertised as homemade but it’s the sort of place you’d expect it from.

Next for the main, I ordered burgers and fries – it’s a classic. Thankfully these were both pretty good. The fries were tasty so much so I could have eaten them all day. I loved the burger too. I asked for Bacon which was an extra £1 and if I’m honest, it’s really not worth it. The bacon was good but you didn’t get much which was a shame considering you could buy a whole pack for of Bacon for just over that price, instead you got 2/3 small pieces…do you get what I mean or am I being petty? I love my Bacon I suppose 🙂

Overall, I wouldn’t rush back here and wouldn’t order the Calamari any time soon. The price for two courses was decent but for the quality I’d say it was over-priced. Saying that, I would like to come back and try something else from the bigger menu rather than the ‘set lunch’ menu. The staff here were very polite, friendly and we were seated right away. The atmosphere was laid back but just the right amount that it made you feel relaxed (which helps if you’ve just come through the busy streets of Glasgow.)


Location: Glasgow

Rating (food): 3/5

Staff: 5/5

Waiting Time: 5/5

Atmosphere: 5/5

Overall Rating: 18/20



    • sophielouise14
      22nd September 2017 / 4:01 pm

      Ahh, thank you xx Checking it out now, so kind xo

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