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I’ve actually been watching Christmas films and listening to festive music since November – I don’t see anything wrong with that. If it gets your through miserable, dark, cold and long November days, it’s worth it.

Save yourself an hour of searching what to watch and just watch my suggestions! 24 films to get your through the last weeks of work or endless days of being bored at home like me – it’s like a movie advent calendar – sort of!

1.The Santa Clause –  This is my No.1 go-to film. From the no-so ‘typical’, perfect, expensive Christmas to them being stressed out and sarcastic, it’s funny and such a feel-good, family movie.

2. Elf -I didn’t like this the first time but as I watched it for the second and third time, I began to enjoy it more. I also love the famous scenes in the toy store.

3. Downtown Abby – I never watch this but have heard people obsess over it. I want to target a wide range of people and even if you’re younger than their intended audience, you may still love it.

4. HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSPHER STONE – I don’t even need to explain this. This is also my No 1 go-to movie…I love this and The Santa Claus way too much. Also who even needs an excuse to watch Harry, Ron, Hermonie and Hagrid?

5. Stranger Things – It involves Christmas but it’s not Christmas themed. Two seasons are now up on Netflix and its worth a watch!

6. Home Alone – Need I say more?

7.  Sherlock – It may be finished but that doesn’t mean you need to stop watching it. The Abominable Bride for example.

8. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

9. Love Actually

10. Jingle All The Way

11. Snow Day

12. Miracle on 34th Street

13. The Grinch

14. The Polar Express

15. Arthur Christmas

16. The Muppet Christmas Carol

17. Nightmare Before Christmas

18. Bridget Jones’s Diary

19. Doctor Who

20. A Christmas Carol

21. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

22. Game of Thrones – because Winter is Coming…at some point

23. Strictly – If you’re into dancing and good music. And really crappy jokes.

24. Frozen…sorry – for the kids perhaps?

What are your go-to Christmas films and TV Shows?

This Blogmas is NOT sponsored and I am not making any money from it. Photo: Pixabay

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