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Net Neutrality – What Is It and Why Everyone Should Worry

So I had a different post planned for today but I felt it was important to spread awareness of this – no matter who you are or what age you are. Bloggers and Vloggers should be careful of this because it could affect them – and if it’s your full time job – you should definitely take note. To be honest, no matter what you do, you should be worried.


What is Net Neutrality?

When you go online you have certain expectations, right? You expect to be connected to whatever website you want fast with no buffering. You expect your internet service provider (ISP) and phone company isn’t messing with the data and is connecting you to all websites, applications and content YOU choose. You expect to be in control of your internet experience, after all, YOU pay for it.

NN is the idea that your ISP treats everyone’s data equally. You and millions of other people currently have the right to read and watch what you want, when you want. This includes the use of Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat and Skype. If we don’t save NN, you could lose these rights and may be forced to pay more to use them!

If for example, Verizon and AT&T (US) or Sky and Virgin Media (UK) decide to release their own version of YouTube or Netflix, they could BAN you from using those streaming services are force you to use their version. Another thing they could do is slow down your speed when using THOSE sites and speed them up when you’re using THIER services, meaning you’ll probably move to theirs, giving them more money. Either way…

You DO NOT benefit from this!

In February 2015, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) voted to further strictly regulate ISPs and to enshrine in law the principles of NN. This isn’t a ‘oh let’s separate the bad people and the good people’ situation – it’s a ‘lets take everyone rights away’ kind of situation.

Trump’s current FCC chairman, Ajit Pai is wanting to overturn the 2015 decision, arguing they overstep the FCC’s jurisdiction and hinder corporate innovation. On May 18, the FCC voted to support a new proposal that would repeal the order and started a 90-day period in which members of the public could comment. At the end of this post, there is a petition you can sign and comment (optional) on why we should have basic rights. There is also a video by Joshledore and Kendall Rae which explains it so well.

This is pretty worrying because if the US goes through with this decision, other countries could also follow. As mentioned above, companies may be able to block websites and content they don’t like as well as applications that compete with their own offerings. We shouldn’t have to put up with that.

What Would Happen If We Lose NN?

We currently have NN now and if we were to lose it, we wouldn’t be able to have freedom of speech. Companies against people who are black or members of the LGBTQ community could be affected even more if a certain company discriminates against them.

It could affect people like you or me. Vloggers and Bloggers could be target if they have a website with content that your ISPs don’t agree with. Businesses who rely on the internet and social media (whether they’re just starting up or have been running for years) could be affected. Why should companies be able to decide what you read and watch, what streaming services and business you chose?

If you know how hard it is to grow your Instagram as I do (as a Blogger) imagine that for businesses and just about every site but on the internet as a whole.

The Trump administration is doing everything in its power to stop it. If we lose Net Neutrality, it will have succeeded. Trump cannot win.

Found on dogo.com

We would lose our basic rights.

Before you watch the video below, think of your internet like this:

  • There is SLOW LANE and a FAST LANE
  • The FAST LANE would obviously be fast however, providers would charge technology companies like YouTube and Netflix  to pay premium services for you to use AND even just to gain access to them. Meaning that’s extra money you would have to pay, on top of paying for the services as normal.
  • The SLOW LANE is much slower and if you hate buffering now, wait until you’re in the slow lane.
    • You may still be able to gain access to these services in the slow lane but it will be rather jumpy, low quality and slow. This would the most affordable option which is kind of how they can manipulate you into paying for more.

Please sign the petition here to ensure everyone’s internet rights are the same:  https://www.change.org/p/save-net-neutrality-netneutrality



  1. 26th December 2017 / 3:05 PM

    What an interesting post! People should definitely know more about this.

    Faye Jessica | fayejessica.co.uk

    • Sophie
      19th December 2017 / 2:24 PM

      I know – I am so surprised people don’t know about it, such a major change if congress vote for repealing it

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