Are YouTubers unrelatable or are you just jealous?

For many years, YouTubers have been called out by the public, including some of their now, former-fans for being unrelatable and boring. If you clicked on this blog post after reading the title, you were either angry I said you were jealous or ready for some tea to be spilled – either way, I’d love to know your opinion on this controversial subject.

Why are they unrelatable?

This term is really used to describe certain people when they have nothing in common but try to act like they do – in my opinion. For example Zoella and Alfie – once the most popular YouTubers that could easily be your friends, now…not so much.

I’m not talking about the millions in their bank account, I’m talking about their content and personalities that have caused their channels to decline on a daily basis. They’re simply out of touch with the real world and I can’t say I’m too shocked people aren’t enjoying their content as they once did – despite their subscriber count.

When I say ‘out of touch’ I believe they forget where the came from and how they started – more specifically – who got them there. Unlike Kylie Jenner #isaidwhatisaid most are self-made in their fortune – yes – even Zoella. I asked what others thought and most agreed:

Zoella has brought out great products and her designs, I won’t lie, have me obsessed. I now don’t buy her range after the advent calendar drama – I felt like that was all for money. For someone whose audience is mainly 18-25 year olds, the calendar was made for 10 year olds and extremely overpriced for confetti and a pen. Oh and Alfie’s £1 video but that’s another blog post showing the problematic side of YouTube.

Speaking of money (and correct me if I’m wrong) but Zoella said she wrote her first book Girl Online but later admitted that ‘factually’ she didn’t write it all herself (as per the Ghost Written drama.) She’s now recently published ‘Cordially Invited‘ and apparently didn’t even set up the party/decorations seen in the pictures herself. Isn’t that’s like someone selling a cook book, not making the food and then selling it like they did? In her advent calendar apology video, she did say money is not why she does this, but actions speak louder than words – one of the reasons I believe her channel is declining.

In my YouTube days, I used to watch Zoella, Alfie, Marcus, Caspar Lee and Sprinkle of Glitter. They all had a laugh and hung around with each other – no drama. Nowadays if they’re not hanging around, Twitter is full of speculation and it’s get so tiring. I have the vibe some people have genuinely moved on from each other – we all have people who we just don’t hang around with anymore and that’s okay.

I watch Shane, Kendall, Josh and the Sacconejolys yet despite them being wealthy it’s their personalities and the way they handle themselves that make me like them – act full of yourself and come across as if it’s all about they money, then it’s very likely you’ll find yourself losing subscribers.

Zoella has 12M subscribers and averages around 1M views whereas Shane Dawson has 16M subscribers and averages at least 10-15M views. Take Gabby for example, a similar channel to Zoella who averages around 1M views too, despite having 2M subscribers, at least 10M less than Zoe yet they average the same views. The same thing goes for David Dobrik – with 8M subscribers, he averages 4M views. Proof subscriber count means nothing.

Zoella’s channel is declining and averaging a loss of 700 subscribers per day – not to single her out, but he use I feel she’s the person everyone thinks of when you think about YouTube.

So what does this mean?

Firstly, people need to change their content with the times to continue to be relevant and it turns out being wealthy isn’t the issue, it’s simply your attitude when it comes to your fans and the way you treat them.

Secondly (and let’s all be honest with ourselves) if we don’t like a YouTuber because they’re unrelatable that’s fine, but who wouldn’t want to live in a million pound mansion with their partner and dog? I know I would.

Who wouldn’t want to earn lots of money to treat you and your family and go on several holidays per year? I know I would.

In my opinion, it’s a case of ‘these YouTubers have simply lost their spark’ – similar to a TV series, sometimes despite it being good, it has to come to an end. A few years ago I could safely say the likes of Zoella and Alfie they were relatable but now they’re like that friend you once had years ago – you both just grew apart and don’t have a lot in common anymore.

I used to be annoyed when they filmed hauls and recommended a foundation / item of clothing priced at an eye-watering £50 and labelling it ‘affordable’. To me £50 is a a lot to spend on foundation but to them it’s not. Plus, they’re hardly forcing me to buy anything. When it comes to how they talk about money, that’s what makes or breaks them for me.

YouTube is evidently turning materialistic. When part of their ‘appeal’ is to be ‘just like us’, it’s hard when you’ve got people buying expensive items and jetting off on holidays left, right and centre. 

For example:

Of course that’s their money and they can spend it however they like, but when they keep doing it time and time again the internet become a place when originality and creativity are lost and repetitiveness is at its peak.


We’re allowed to be jealous, period. But we’re also allowed to not like YouTubers without being jealous – just because someone is wealthy and likes to spend money, doesn’t mean they’re unrelatable. If you had millions, you’d spend and go away on a few holidays per year too – don’t even lie.

We all love a bit of the Kardashians and Jeffree Star and they’re all multi-millionaires, so I’ve ruled out they’re not becoming unpopular or unrelatable due to wealth, it’s because of their personality. Yes some people may be jealous but that’s ultimately not the main issue.

So it turns out this topic doesn’t have to be controversial and perhaps it is a case of losing their spark as per my TV series example. Like I’ve said before, people need to change their content with the times to continue to be relevant and it turns out being wealthy isn’t the issue, it’s simply your attitude when it comes to your fans and the way you treat them. If your fans feel like you’re trying to make money and ripping them off, eventually your channel will decline in numbers.

So what’s your opinion? Are they unrelatable? Is it a case of jealousy? Or perhaps both…



  1. 25th August 2018 / 5:21 AM

    I used to watch a few Youtubers faithfully. But I agree as you said, as a viewer I grew up and their content stayed the same. There are a few new ones my husband introduced me to, and I enjoy these people. All video gamers, but it’s definitely their personalities that keep bringing us back to watch a new mod of a video we saw a month ago!

    I think it’s also worth factoring that most of us now have kids who control our Youtube accounts– at least I know that’s the case for me haha. And well I just can’t relate to little Chelsea playing on the playset while nursery rhymes blast in the background lol or freaking unboxing videos! And I see this views and I’m like well I mean it can’t be that hard right? Maybe I should try it. But realistically I don’t have the time and dedication to keep up a site though the money aspect of it is appealing right!?

    I think like all trends, things come and go and come back again. And maybe we will jump back on the wagon the next time around

    • Sophie
      26th August 2018 / 6:46 PM

      Loved this comment and I kind of hope we will jump back on the wagon again. I really miss watching Zoella but I just can’t bring myself to watching her for several reasons. Hopefully one day x

  2. 21st August 2018 / 5:44 PM

    I completely agree, I can not remember the last time I watched any of the British YouTubers, other than Sacconejoleys, videos and for me it is down to just not being able to relate anymore. I prefer to watch channels with smaller audiences as I feel they just come across much more relatable, other than the odd few ‘big names’ like Sacconejoleys & Kendall Rae. It’s like you said YouTube has changed a lot from 5/6 years ago and like anything you got change with it to accommodate the times & your audience.

    Vikki |

    • Sophie
      22nd August 2018 / 8:06 AM

      Agreed! Love Kendall and the Sacconejolys! YouTube has become a platform more for ADs with the bigger British YouTubers such as Zoella, Tanya and Alfie, etc. rather than what they used to be

  3. 20th August 2018 / 6:07 PM

    Oooh this post got me fired up in the best way cause I have so many opinions on this! I HATE being called jealous for not finding Zoe relatable. She’s 6 months younger than me and hell yes I’d love her bank balance, but that’s not why I can’t relate to her. I can’t relate to her because she doesn’t actually show her personality. There’s nothing to her and Alfie’s videos apart from buying expensive things. I can’t relate to spending £1m on a mansion, but I CAN relate to Shane Dawson talking about his weight and family struggles. Overall there’s not enough substance to what she shows. I don’t think it’s her fault, it used to work but YouTube has moved on so much. Her videos always feel like an ad for a product or service that’ll make our lives ‘great’ like hers, but I would much rather feel like I’m getting to know real people.
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    • Sophie
      21st August 2018 / 10:48 AM

      Wow. You literally summed up my whole opinion in my long post ???
      Totally agree. Shane does series where he interviews people and helps them. Talks about his weight, as you mentioned and things like mental health and despite being wealthy, he is relatable. If Zoe & Alfie showed their personalities like you mentioned and didn’t constantly go on about money, I genuinely think I’d be watching them.
      Jeffree Star earns 100M+ per year due to his companies and YouTube, more than Zoella, and I find him more relatable than Zoe, because he shows his personality.

  4. 19th August 2018 / 8:47 PM

    This is such a good post and I personally think a lot of people are just jealous, but then again, we are allowed to genuinely just not like or be interested in someone’s genre or content without being automatically told “Oh you’re just jealous”

    • Sophie
      19th August 2018 / 9:03 PM

      Exactly! That’s the reason I wrote it, always getting told it’s because but I was jealous when I stoped watching zoella, etc. some people are definitely jealous, but most of us are genuinely going off these YouTubers who stick to the same content

  5. 19th August 2018 / 2:46 PM

    Agree with jealousy aspect and I was legit discussing topic this with my friend not long ago. I used to be obsessed with Zoe and Joe Sugg, Tanya Burr, Caspar Lee and Alfie and I’m just not interested anymore because I can’t relate to anything. I’ve also found I’m much more interested in watching Zoe’s vlogs rather than main channel videos and I don’t watch Alfie at all know. I’ve found less-famous Youtubers who I am more interested in.

    Faye Jessica |

    • Sophie
      19th August 2018 / 2:48 PM

      Agreed. I feel like if they just remembered where they came from or at the very least didn’t try and sell overpriced items, a lot more people would watch – maybe even me!
      I’m also more into less-famous YouTubers

  6. Jasmin
    18th August 2018 / 5:54 PM

    I think most are just jealous. I mean, youtubers are living the life that’s basic in their money situation. I wouldn’t say it’s out of touch of a normal life, especially when their normal is so different than someone else’s normal. But then again, what do I know? it seems to be such a touchy issue!

    lots of love, Jasmin

    • Sophie
      18th August 2018 / 8:19 PM

      I do agree some are simply jealous which is ashame because I’m sure they’d be the same with spending money and going on holidays. Love the part about everyone’s version of ‘normal’ lives x

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