Abortion: Is It Really Woman’s Choice? #AlabamaAbortionBan

16th May 2019Sophie

I know a few people who are pro-life and whilst many people think there’s a problem with that – in fact, there is nothing wrong with it at all.

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The problem starts to arise when groups of those who are pro-life take to the streets to get it banned. For men to sit and decide what women do with our bodies whilst they don’t know the first thing about a woman’s anatomy other than they want sex because they certainly won’t listen to anything remotely related to periods, is concerning to me.

Oh and if a woman gets pregnant that’s her problem – not the man’s – obviously!

A new bill in Alabama has just been signed to pass as law. Dubbed the ‘Heartbeat Bill’ this will prevent women from having an abortion at any stage of her pregnancy – even if she was raped – including being impregnated by a family member.

In that state, 11-year olds cannot by law do the following:

  • Vote
  • Drive
  • Watch a PG-13 movie
  • Purchase a lottery ticket
  • Purchace tablets such as paracetamol

And here are list of things an 11-year old is now required to do:

  • Carry out a full term pregnancy

So now imagine a 12-year old little girl being raped and telling her she must carry that baby to term for 9 months, give birth and deal with the emotional and physical toll it will have on her at such a young age. Look in her eyes as she sobs and tell her that 25 men made this decision for her and that if she has an abortion she will face serious consequences.

Tell your daughter that is sobbing on the bathroom floor after being safe and taking the pill, using a condom and doing everything to prevent a pregnancy that she must have that baby even though she never wanted to be pregnant. Tell her the person who impregnated her won’t be punished for also wanting an abortion but she will – because she is a woman.

Why is it fair that men can make these decisions for women despite never having to carry a child for 9 months whilst her body goes through permanent changes which can be life-threatening?

Of course that baby deserves the right to life, but what about the life of the mother who is living and experiencing it all compared to the child who is not yet born. I wouldn’t want an abortion (does anyone?!) but I wouldn’t dare take that right away from another woman. And yes the baby is also living, but it’s not yet born if you understand my point.

The irony here is that an abortion is NOT a woman’s choice after all. It is a man’s choice. And that to me, is sickening.

We shouldn’t be having this talk.

We all joked about the Handmaid’s Tale becoming a reality. The United States or Gilead, we said. We laughed and moved on thinking nothing of it.

Now we are not joking, instead we are sobbing with the thought of 99 years in prison as punishment in the back of our minds.

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