Work with me: See here for more information.

Skin-Care: If I recommend any skin-care products it’s because they have worked for me. Please follow the instructions on your chosen product(s) and patch test (if necessary) before you use them.

I am not a skin-care expert and cannot take any blame if you have a reaction of any sort.

Photography/Video: Do not use my photos or video (including YouTube) anywhere in print, online, social media, etc… without my permission.

I have a photography section via the main-menu and all my photos are copyrighted with my watermark. On my other blog posts, they may not be watermarked but that still does not mean you can take them. Do not use any of my photos on websites, magazines, newspapers, blogs or social media of any kind.

If you want to use any photos on my blog, including the photography section, please ask my permission first and do not remove the watermark.

The same applies with photos/videos I upload on social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

If the photos do not belong to me, I will credit where necessary. If you do not follow this, I will send you an invoice depending on which blog post it refers to and how long it took me to edit as Bloggers put so much love and attention into their work.

Pictures for reviews: As stated at the footer I have said that “all content copyright 2015 – 2018 ©Trafotoz unless otherwise noted” therefore I will always credit my content where necessary. But in cases for reviews such as TV or Film I usually won’t credit (for layout reasons) as it’s obvious these do not belong to me however I may mention it in the disclaimer at the bottom of the post.

I sometime use Pixabay too and they state you don’t need to credit anyone so I usually don’t because of this. However if I take a photo that’s credited I will credit them back. If I haven’t done so, please message me using the contact form here via e-mail trafotoz@gmail.com or DM me @trafotoz

PR Samples/Gifting: If I receive any samples, free gifts of products, etc…I will let my readers know. I never accept any from companies who I wouldn’t buy from myself. All opions are honest, my own and are not influenced by anyone nor any company.

Media Kit – I only accept full payment as I don’t feel it would be fair for me to spend days if not weeks planning, writing and editing both my blog post and photographs for it not to be published. My Media Kit can be found here along with all the information you should need.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Food&Drink/In The Kitchen: I sometimes re-use or adapt recipes. I am not an expert so I’m not to blame if you become ill or something happens from making food/drinks I have suggested/wrote about.

Thank you for reading this.