Media Kit & Packages


Below is a list of packages I do. You can use one of these packages or contact me to discuss alternative, more suitable ideas.

If you chose the Shimmer Plan for example, you will receive everything listed in the Basic, Silver and Golden package on top of what is listed in the Shimmer section, etc..Another example is the Silver Plan – it says you will get 2 personalised tweets and the Shimmer Plan says 3, if you chose the Shimmer Plan you will get 3. However the silver plan says an “additional 2 RT’s meaning if you chose the Silver Plan, you will get 2 more RT’s on top of the 3 in the Basic Plan

If that makes no sense, contact me with the plan you would like and I will list everything you will get.

The RT’s of your choice must be agreed by myself to ensure there is nothing I tweet that could be taken in the wrong way. The tweets are usually a link to the blog post or a picture of your products. It could also be a mention such as a reply. This will vary depending on who you are and you’re looking for.

If you feel the prices are too much (or too little – you never know!) please feel free to contact me and we can hopefully arrange a price. If you have any questions please contacting me using the form in the Contact section of the menu or here: